Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work? Read Customer Reviews

When mother nature was not feeling generous the afternoon you have been getting your own collection there are lots of selections to fake it from mascaras and tinting to false lashes and perhaps even eyelash extensions. But let us face it, none of them come near the actual thing.

That is exactly what Nuvega lash serums guaranteed to perform. Throughout the past couple of decades, there’s been a steady rise in products that promise to boost and help enhance the development of your natural lashes. They are generally equally applied, and many assert that with everyday use your lashes will probably grow longer in only a couple of weeks.

However, do these products really work? We have a peek at a few of the merchandise available on the Australian market (plus a few that are not, but can be found on the web from abroad ) to determine if longer lashes are only a fast wipe off.

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eyelash growth serums

What is in the Marketplace?

None of them are inexpensive; we discovered goods that range from $62 up to over $100 to get a 12-week supply.

Latisse could be known as the item that started all of the eyelash hype. Latisse is the sole eyelash serum that’s backed by study and has an active ingredient (bimatoprost) proven to stimulate hair growth.

Initially developed as a remedy for eye stress, patients who employed it detected a negative effect — longer, thinner and darker eyelashes. Because of this, the eyelash-enhancing Latisse was started in America in 2008 with lots of star ambassadors singing its praises and happy clients reporting their lashes had increased so long that they needed to trim them.

Regardless of this, there are sites that provide generic or Latisse-like goods from abroad with no necessity for a script.

So while it is agreed that Latisse is the product most likely to operate, longer lashes may include some fairly nasty side effects such as:

  • Reducing eye pressure when the serum gets at the eye
  • Eyelid pigmentation
  • Permanent eye color change (continuing use can turn blue eyes brown)
  • Should you dash the serum in your face throughout program — you might wind up with hair growth where it lands. Hairy lips anybody?

And even in the event that you don’t obey your eye color changing you will find a couple more grabs — Latisse has to be utilized on a continuous basis or the impact wears off. And in Australia, it is only qualified for use for 12 weeks since there are not any studies to demonstrate the effect of usage after a year.

Past Latisse, there is definitely plenty of additional lash-enhancing serums available in cosmetic counters, in chemists and on the internet. But do they really work?

Based on Desiree Stordahl, US-based writer and makeup expert with Paula’s Choice Skincare, when it has to do with eyelash serums the majority of the merchandise is not successful, with just a couple exceptions, among which will be Latisse.

Stordahl states the only additional lash serum which comes close concerning the efficacy, in her view, is RevitaLash Advanced (that will be available over the counter in Australia). She states it includes a synthetic prostaglandin that could increase lash development, though there is not as much research on the product’s efficacy.

In terms of the remaining merchandise available on the market promising longer, stronger lashes? She says that they are not likely to do the job.

“Most decorative products promising to increase lashes typically do not get the job done. They’re promoted with plant extracts, peptides, and conditioning agents that might seem great in concept, but do nothing to excite lash growth”

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If you’re thinking about utilizing an eyelash development serum the specialists we talked to recommended checking with your GP beforehand.

Doctor Brad McKay, from Sydney, states that although over-the-counter products are not likely to create your own eyelashes serum grow longer, it is important to see the expiration dates of those products as prolonged usage means that the preservative will perish and there’s a probability of bacteria building up and causing bacterial conjunctivitis. (See our post about decorative expiry dates).

In addition, he worries it is important not to use products created for glaucoma to improve your lashes. “Eye drops normally employed for glaucoma may be used’off-license’ to improve your eyelashes, but that is in the chance of affecting your eyesight, so it is sort of important.”

And then there’s the chance of eyelash development products resulting in itching, redness, and inflammation, or even more severe side effects.

Risky business – Purchasing medications from abroad

As a result of the world wide web, the planet is now a worldwide market and it has never been easier to find access to medications even if they have not been accepted for use in Australia. When it might be tempting to purchase a product like Latisse online and skip seeking to acquire a prescription, it is important to practice caution.

The TGA claims that purchasing medicines online may appear a handy option but it may be risky concerning legality, price, and security.

  • Counterfeit
  • From date
  • Infected
  • Produced from undisclosed ingredients
  • Created with the incorrect quantity of the active ingredient.

A spokesperson on behalf of the TGA claims that anybody contemplating purchasing medicines online from abroad must examine the use of any unapproved drugs with their health care practitioner to ascertain whether such medication is appropriate. Individuals who do want to use medicines that aren’t accepted by the TGA for distribution in Australia must be mindful that no guarantee can be given about quality, effectiveness or safety.

eyelash growth serums
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